The Solid Solution for cfDNA Purification 
Innovative Magnet / Sleeve Designs



Solid Approach to cfDNA Purification                                                                                                                        REQUEST A SAMPLE

Predispensed solid reagents in individual tubes designed for a specific volume of sample.  

Convenient - Minimal sample handling and pipetting.  

Solid Phase Reagents - Accurate weight ensures optimal cfDNA recovery

Minimal sample dilution - no buffers added to plasma sample

PACs - Protease Activated Capsules for Pretreatment of Samples                                                             REQUEST A SAMPLE

Dissolvable Packets containing buffer and enzyme mix - just add sample

Stable at room temperature

Preweighed packets for convenience and accuracy

N52 - Magnetic Separator for Microtiter and Manual Formats from 200uL to 250mL                  SEE ALL THE MAGNETS

MagPen for large single sample purification

6 Pillar, 6 Pillar ExtraDeep and 24 Pillar magnet/sleeve for 24 well plates.

8-Channel, 12-Channel, and 96 Pillar magnet/sleeves for 96 well plates.

Strongest available permanent magnets

Stand configurations from 30ul to 50ml

Pillars in 24 and 96 well formats for minimal handling / semi and full automation

Magnet/sleeve combination eliminates the need for aspiration and resuspension.

Solid Reagents Optimal for Larger Samples - Minimal Dilution                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      REQUEST A SAMPLE

Cell Free DNA is typically present at 5 to 10 ng per milliliter of plasma

The implication is about 2,000 genome equivalents per milliliter

20,000 genomes is about 60 ng which requires about 10 milliliters of plasma - about two tubes of whole blood required

Proteolytic digestion with solid predispensed Protease PACs combined with solid predispensed powder binding reagents minimizes

sample dilution which aids in cfDNA capture.

Note:  Once the protease packet (PACs) is dissolved in the plasma, the cfDNA is stable at room temperature for greater than 2 weeks

Note:  For detection at 0.1%, 10,000 genomes will yield 10 events.

Sample Protocols - PDFs

NeoGeneStar LLC

Magnetic particle separation provides a simple and efficient method for detection and purification of nucleic acids, proteins and cells. NeoGeneStar is focused on the manufacture of magnetic particles and kits for magnetic molecular purification. Our state-of-art facility for manufacturing of the magnetic particles and molecular purification kits is a cGMP compliant manufacturing facility.

NeoGeneStar is devoted to the advancement of the methods for the purification of circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in the fields of non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) and cancer diagnostics. NeoGeneStar circulating DNA kits utilize proprietary superparamagnetic beads and patent-pending solid lysis reagens designed for isolation of circulating cell-free DNA in plasma, serum or urine and CSF, especially for larger sample volume.

The NeoGeneStar cfDNA purification kits are designed to fit the need of customers. Off-the-shelf kits are available for sample volumes of 0.1ml to 20ml and can be processed in typically available centrifuge tubes such as micro-centrifuge tube, 15ml and 50ml centrifuge tube. Our larger volume kits are especially suitable for purification of cfDNA from about 4-20ml plasma or urine. 

NeoGeneStar offer innovative handheld magnets amenable for automated and manual processing. we've developed a new line of magnet / sleeve products which eliminate the aspiration and resuspension steps in magnetic particle purification by moving the particles on a plastic sleeve covering the magnets.  We have arrays for most microtiter plate formats, 6, 24 & 96 wells as well as specialized extra long magnets for tubes and tissue culture, these magnets can be used for as little as 30ul to as much as 250 ml of biological fluids.

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