The Patented Solid Solution for cfDNA Purification 
Patented Innovative Magnet / Sleeve Designs
Patent Pending Room Temperature Thin Film Protease



Protease Activated Capsules (PACs) - for Pretreatment/Stabilization
Convenient - Predispensed Protease Reagents in 1D /2D tube - Stabilize cfDNA at Room Temperature
Advantageous for laboratories that regularly have samples of a fixed size.  Similar to the pretreatment buffer - the Protease Capsules have buffer and protease in a dissolvable pouch.  Simply add the sample - plasma, urine, CSF, etc.  - mix and store at room temperature until ready to purify the cfDNA.

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NGS-PACs-1.0ml                      NeoGeneStar PACs for 1.0ml x 25 samples                                                        (Purchase)                (Product PDF)

NGS-PACs-2.5ml                      NeoGeneStar PACs for 2.5ml x 25 samples                                                        (Purchase)                (Product PDF)

NGS-PACs-4.0ml                     NeoGeneStar PACs for 4.0ml x 25 samples                                                        (Purchase)                (Product PDF)

NGS-PACs-5.0ml                     NeoGeneStar PACs for 5.0ml x 25 samples                                                        (Purchase)                 (Product PDF)

NGS-PACs-8.0ml                     NeoGeneStar PACs for 8.0ml x 25 samples                                                        (Purchase)                (Product PDF)