The Patented Solid Solution for cfDNA Purification 
Innovative Magnet / Sleeve Designs



About us

NeoGeneStar is an innovative New Jersey based biotechnology company. NeoGeneStar was founded in 2013 with a focus on advancing the methods for isolation of cell free nucleic acid used in liquid biopsy detection for early cancer detection and NIPT.  We have also developed innovative high power magnets to work with our cell free DNA purification kits which also have applications in immunology and cell biology.

1)  patented (10,619,152 & 10,844,369) cell free nucleic acid purification methods for cancer detection and NIPT 


2)  Patented magnetic hardware which simplify the cell free nucleic acid purification and also are useful for biomolecule purification such as proteins, antibodies, and cells.

Our customers include first-in-class US and International Cancer centers and Prenatal Genetic Testing Centers including:

National Institute of Health - NHGRI

John Hopkins Medical Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Weill Cornell Medical School

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dana Farber Cancer Center

Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

Sema4 Genomics

University of Trento, Italy

Cambridge University, UK

Mainz University, Germany

Candiolo Cancer Institute, Italy