The Solid Solution for cfDNA Purification 
Innovative Magnet / Sleeve Designs



Our Technology

Solid Reagents for cfDNA Purification

Our patented cfDNA purification methodologies ( utilizes solid lysis reagents which is offers several advantages over the industry standard liquid buffers.

1)  Addition of a sample to solid reagents,  minimizes sample dilution and accomodate more starting materials, thus increasing yield of cfDNA
2)  Minimal sample dilution, maximizes cfDNA concentration and improving yield.
3)  Predispensed reagents aid lab throughput - minimized hands-on time.

Submicron SuperParaMagnetic Particles for Nucleic Acid Capture - also great for genomic DNA purification

Our superparamagnetic nanoparticles are manufactured with a unique surface chemistry which tightly and strongly preferentially binds nucleic acids over other biological molecules.  The particles together with the other components of our cfNA purification kit produce the highest quality, clean artifact free cell free nucleic acids.

Our technology consistently yields over 95% retention rate of DNA from 50 bases to greater than 2 KB and excellent binding of miRNAs and small (~20 base) DNAs for exacting analysis.

Innovative High Power Neodymium Magnets

Magnet / Sleeve designs for improved throughput by eliminating aspiration and pipetting in the work flow of particle transfer between buffers.  Designed for samples from 30uL to 200mL

MagSlide designs for low though-put labs with the need for multiple sample sizes from 50uL to 50mL.

Traditional fixed magnet designs for 96 well, 24 well, microfuge tube, 15mL & 50mL centrifuge tubes, and other formats from 50uL to 50mL.