The Patented Solid Solution for cfDNA Purification 
Patented Innovative Magnet / Sleeve Designs
Patent Pending Room Temperature Thin Film Protease



NeoGeneStar ProteoDisks (Protease thin film membrane) is specially designed for a convenient and simple way to introduce protease for your nucleic acid purification process. Protease thin film membrane provide a consistent concentration of protease and detergents which eliminates a weighing / pipetting step, improving the efficiency of nucleic acid purification process.  Additionally, protease thin film membrane improves the stability of protease and allows for room temperature storage and no need for storage at -20 freezer.

DNA/RNA Safe Collection Kit  (ProteoDisks) Ready-to-go Pretreatment / Proteolytic Digestion
Patent pending protease thin film membrane technology 
Protease /detergent in thin film water-soluble membrane 
Stabilize DNA/RNA at Room Temperature
Can be used for plasma, saliva, urine and other biological fluids
Ideal for sample sample pretreatment, storage and transportation