The Patented Solid Solution for cfDNA Purification 
Patented Innovative Magnet / Sleeve Designs
Patent Pending Room Temperature Thin Film Protease



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Solid reagents are especially useful for Larger Volume Samples - typically 4mL to 20mL plasma or urine samples:
1mL-5mL Samples can be process in 15mL centrifuge tubes,  5mL-20mL samples can be processed in a single 50mL centrifuge tube
cfDNA kits are available with or without protease reagents.  Samples can be as small as 0.1mL to as much as 20mL and larger volumes can be processed with microconcentrators.
CUSTOMIZE - Request any sample size that is preferable for you, we can manufacture kits specifically tailored to your laboratory's needs.
Pretreatment PACs - cfDNA stabilization at room temperature -with predispensed protease reagents 

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