The Patented Solid Solution for cfDNA Purification 
Patented Innovative Magnet / Sleeve Designs
Patent Pending Room Temperature Thin Film Protease



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MagSleeves 6, 6X, 24 and 24X for 24 Deep Well Plate

MagSleeve 8, 12, 96 and 96X for 96 Well Plate

Mini / Midi Magslide

15 / 50 mL MagStands  

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Magnet size                                                                                    Plastic Sleeve Sizes
8/12 Channel Magnets                                                                PCR Strips
96 Pillar Magnet                                                                           Whole PCR Plate
6/24 Pillar Magnets                                                                      6-strip or 24 position polypropylene piece

Sleeves are disposable and inexpensive
8/12/96 pillar MagSleeves work with microtiter plates - suitable for sample sizes of <300uL
6/24 pillar MagSleeves work for 10mL and 16mL 24 deep well plates - suitable for sample sizes of 1mL - 7mL
6X MagSleeve works for 25mL 24 deep well plate - suitable for sample sizes of 1mL - 20mL