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Products for Cell Free DNA Pretreatment

Protease thin film membrane

NeoGeneStar Protease thin film membrane is specially designed for a convenient and simple way to introduce protease for your nuclei acid purification process. Protease thin film membrane provide a consistent concentration which eliminates a weighing step, improving the efficiency of your process.  Additionally, protease thin film membrane improves the stability of protease and allows for RT storage.

cfDNA-STABIL - cell free DNA stabilization at room temperature for greater than 2 weeks

      Ideal for batch processing for samples that arrive at different times of the day or days of the week

Proteolytic Activation Capsules - Predispensed PACs in individual tube (optional 1D/2D bar coded tubes

     Predispensed Packets in 15ml tubes for sample Digestion / Pretreatment - just add plasma and mix

Proteolytic Digestion Buffer Solution

     For labs that want to use their own concentration and / or protocols for protease digestion 

General Guidelines / Suggestions

Guidelines for Blood Collection - Tubes - Sample Handling

NeoGeneStar cfDNA Product Selection Guide